Kazuki’s French Soup

Ingredients for Six Servings

One pound of beef shank
One pound of pork thigh
One pound of bone-in skin-on chicken thigh
Any left-over meat in your fridge such as ham and sausages
One celery stalk
One garlic clove
One sprig of thyme
One bunch of parsley
Ten black pepper beans

Some onions
Some carrots
Some cabbages
Some potatoes
Some green beans
Any vegetables you find in your fridge
Some salt


1. Put all of A in the largest pot you have and add water. Cook until boiled on a strong fire and skim off the scum that rises to the surface of the cooking water until the water is crystal clear.

2. Turn fire to low so that you see just tiny bubbles coming up, add just half the amount of salt you feel you need, and cook it for one hour.

3. Add all of B and cook it on a low fire for another hour. Something worth having is something worth waiting for.

4. Say, “Okie dokie” and serve clear soup alone first.

5. Serve meat and vegetables. You may want mustard on the meat.

6. Say, “OMG,” for three times.


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