11825082_10206346772140691_2636996489887661419_nHyssopus officinalis

The fresh herb is commonly used in cooking. As a medicinal herb, hyssop has soothing, expectorant, and cough suppressant properties. The plant also includes the chemicals thujone and phenol, which give it antiseptic properties. Its high concentrations of thujone and chemicals that stimulate the central nervous system can provoke epileptic reactions when taken in high enough doses. The oil of hyssop can cause seizures and even low doses (2–3 drops) can cause convulsions in children. It has been also used in the formulation of eye drops and mouthwash. Herb hyssop has also been observed to stimulate the gastrointestinal system.



Hyssop Oxymelの作り方:http://www.herbmentor.com/hyssop-oxymel/



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