Police will killed citizen

As of today, end of July, 669 killed in the United States by police since Jan. 1. what a “Justice system” here. Samuel DuBose who got killed by university of Cincinnati police was the 637th person. you can see at Guardian Database, how many citizens already died in this year.

Samuel DuBose, 43 was shot by Ray Tensing, 25. very rare case, Tensing was charged with murder. Tensing show up to the court and pleaded not guilty Thursday. The judge set the bond 1 million dollar to him. but he out of jail on bond less than eight hours later. How come he collect a million soon after judge set a bail. How many people donate for release him from jail.  THAT is surprise and scare me really.


しかし、アメリカでは稀有なことに、サミュエルさんを撃ち殺したレイ・テンジン(Ray Tensing)警官は殺人罪で起訴された。NYじゃあ、スタテン島で警官に窒息死させられた エリック・ガーナ―さんの件も、麻薬捜査をしていた警官が19歳の男の子のおばあちゃんの家に捜査令状もなしに踏み込んで、トイレにいたその子を問答無用で撃ち殺した件も、警官が罪に問うわれることはなかったし。


Cop accused of killing driver out of jail, free on bond


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