Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Season 5: Ep.8 Beirut.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Season 5: Ep.8 Beirut.

Lebanese army, Michel Elfteriades who formed the MUR, French for Unified Movements of the Resistance. he think culture can save the world.
“ISIS, those animals who are not very far from Lebanon, someone who read interesting books, someone who listens to beautiful music cannot become an animal again.”
Anthony Bourdain ask to him “What will beirut be like in ten years?” and he said, “Best case scenario it goes back to before the creation of Israel, when all communities living very well. The Jews will be back. we are in the Jewish neighborhood here. I think we have to all to be united to fight the monster ISIS. Once the monster is defeated, you can start arguing again about other things”

アンソニー・ボーデインの「パーツ・アンノウン」レバノンの回が興味深い。レバノンでMUR、「抵抗のための統一戦線」を組織したマイケル・エルフテリアデスにインタビュー。 閣下は「文化は世界を救う」とおっしゃる。




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