Chinese Veggies: Angled Loofah

To Taiju,
I took Haru to queens yesterday, and on the way back, went to Chinese market to buy veggies. as you know, Chinese market is best place to buy veggies any meaning as freshness, variety and price.
At Veggies corner, there is “on sale” box. they had angled loofah yesterday. I never cooked, eat this. So i checked it in my iPhone how to cook it. Okinawan recipe is looks nice and easy to try. i bought one loofah and stir fried with pork. I use Miso which i made two years ago, it turn to salty so best to use stir fry. taste was so good. loofah will become routine menu to our dishes.

Anyway, how’s your life these days?


i borrow this image from


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