Book: Reflections on the Revolution in Europe


by Christopher Caldwell

Publisher: Anchor (July 23, 2009)
Publication Date: July 28, 2009
Sold by: Random House LLC
Language: English




Part I. Immigration
Chapter 1. Rivers of Blood

the right and wrongs of Enoch Powell–How much immigration is there? — Muslim immigration — Europe’s population problem — Civilization and decadence — Diversity is overrated — Can you have the same Europe with different people?

Chapter 2. The Immigrant Economy

How postwar migration came about — The unprecedented scale of recent immigration — The capitalist argument: Rescuing moribund industries — Jobs nobody wants — The socialist argument: Rescuing the welfare state

Chapter 3. Who is Immigration For?

Good immigrants and bad — Is immigration for natives or immigrants? — Welfare and white flight — Polish plumbers — Barcelona or death — The duty of hospitality — Asylum and human rights — Asylum and democracy

Chapter 4. Fear Masquerading as Tolerance

Neutrality and political correctness — The criminalization of opinion — Grievance groups — Diversity and self-loathing — Second-class citizens

Part II. Islam
Chapter 5. Ethnic Colonies

Europe’s historic understanding of Islam — Muslim populations, present and future — Rejuvenation of run-down neighborhoods — Architecture and segregation — Lawless zones — Segregation or self-segregation? — Spaces of sharia — Violence, crime, and rioting — The banlieue riots and Islam — Tribalism, ideology, and escalation

Chapter 6. An Adversary Culture

Jus soli and jus sanguinis, assimilation and integration — The illusion of diversity — Islam as a hyper-identity — Dual loyalty — Humiliation and Islamophobia — Muslims and U.S. blacks

Chapter 7. Europe’s Crisis of Faith

Religious resurgence — Islam and European believers — Islam and Europen unbelievers — Benedict XVI: New ideas about belief and unbelief — Western sympathy with, and conversion to, Islam — The European model of managing religion — Organizing religious bodies — Freedom of religion = Freedom of Islam — The Danish cartoon crisis

Chapter 8. Rules for Sex

Sexual freedomas a nonnegotiable European demand — Virginity and violence — Islam or custom? – The appeal of sharia — Arranged marriages — The Danish marriage law — Controversies over the headscarf — The French veil law — Compulsory liberation

Part III. The West
Chapter 9. Tolerance and Impunity

Political self-assertion as a turning point — Intimidation an self-defense — The politics of terror — Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism — “The communism of the twenty-first century”

Chapter 10. Resistance and Jihad

Poverty, occupation, lost grandeur, and other grievances — Islam and violence — “Islam is peace” — Moderate Muslims — Tariq Ramadan and double language — Resistance and jihad

Chapter 11. Liberalism and Diversity

Immigration, Islam, and the European Union — The project to bring Turkey into Europe — PIm Fortuyn and the weakness of the West — “Rightism” and “fascism” in the context of immigration and Islam — The Danish People’s Party — Nicolas Sarkozy and the strength or he republic — Affirmative action

 Chapter 12. Survival and Culture

Europe’s duty to the world — European emancipation from America — The American model of a multiethnic society, and the Ottoman model — From “Islam is peace’ to “Love it or leave it” — Two types of utility 



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